What is it all about?

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

100% POS Cryptocurrency, absolutely secure, totally anonimous, easy to use for everyone on every computer, in our huge universe. The only interdimensional coin ... AND its energy saving - not wasting any electricity power of our planet!

All that is made by Crypto Rick ... yeah the fabulous Crypto Riiick. He cares about the currency 24 hours a day - he cares about Sanchezium. By the way, Crypto Rick is supported by a high professional and well educated team from different countries.

Well and it is opensource etc, so you can use it too. Purchase my coins and in you go. It is extremely fast (transaction is confirmed in about 1 minute, full confirmation takes about 10 minutes), absolutely secure and 100% anonimous. Trust me, I'm Crypto Riiick!

And I won't be Rick if I don't rize some profit on it, so Sanchezium is about to go to several cryptoexchanges.

Sanchezium is 100% POS cryptocurrency, running on masternodes, so grab your one (or better three) while you can. Sanchezium masternodes are designed to be high-ROI, so you will get a lot even with 500 masternodes running in the network.

The Team

Teamlead Coding and Project
36 years old, with the background of 15 years in research and development.

30 years old, 8 years in telecommunications and military software development.

22 years old, 5 years in web development and web design.

external PR-Agency
Jürgen Pesth, juergen.pesth@consulting-kreativ.de, Munich, Germany

Some squanchy features

Also I have built some fun and prizes into the block generation reward system. Approximately once in a week (every 10080 blocks, actually) block reward is set to 500 SNCZ, and some lucky bastard gets schwifty.

Ow, and before I forget — POS reward also gets a bit higher when the number of blocks increases to keep ROI high and shining. Yeah, looks like that's all.

Sanchezium specifications

Let's see what are the nuts and bolts of Sanchezium

<------><------><------><------><------>^M <------><------><------><------><------>^M <------><------><------><------><------>^M

Max coin supply

27 182 818 (exactly the base of the natural logarithm, multiplied by 1 000 000)


1 400 000 (5%)

Burned during ICO

400 000 SNCZ

Burned after ICO

812 110 SNCZ

First POS block


Block time

about 60 seconds or so

Max block size

3 MB

Staking age

2 hours



Masternode price

10000 SNCZ

Difficulty retargeting

every block

Fun and prizes

500 SNCZ are given randomly every week

0-10080 block reward


10080-40320 block reward


40320-80640 block reward


80640-120960 block reward


120960-203386 block reward


203386-233626 block reward


233626-263866 block reward


263866 and higher block reward


Step right up, step right up!

ICO has been completed

If you want to buy some more SNCZ, you can do it right now and directly on CryptoBridge exchange .

Or if you already have interdimensional Sanchezium coins, you can change them at Crypto Change to BTC at anytime..

Wallet download

Sanchezium wallet exacutable is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Or you can build it yourself.

Click here to download the Sanchezium
Linux wallet.

Currently only Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is supported. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, CentOS, Fedora, Mint and Arch are coming soon.


You always can grab source code of the Sanchezium and build executables on your own, or fork it and do whatever you like with it, I don't give a f*ck. Get the source code here.

Sanchezium roadmap

How are we going to take over the world

Phase 1
=> done

Right now

Start of the marketing and bounty campaigns. Release of the wallets.

Phase 2
=> done

After the wallets are released

ICO. Shop till you drop.

Phase 3
=> in progress

Right after the ICO

Public listings:

  • masternodes.online
  • yobit.net
  • hitbtc.com
  • coinexchange.io
  • coinsmarkets.com
  • cryptopia.co.nz

Phase 4

Right after listing

Start of the active development with community involved:

  • development of the mobile app;
  • development of the cross-platform electron wallet;
  • development of the cross-platform multi-currency electron wallet.

Phase 5

After the Phase 4

Multiverse domination

Sanchezium community

Come and join the Sanchezium community and get some support.